Work/Life/Giving Balance

Work/Life/Giving Balance

by necoaching

Most of us are very consumed in our professional and personal lives and, when we consider balance, it is typically thought of relative to only these two elements.  They encompass career, workplace, money, family, health, etc; but they all involve you or people you have a vested interest in; consequently the focus is pretty internal.

balanceAll of this is because nature intended for people to live in a mutually supportive environment.  These communities are typically defined in terms of family, neighborhoods, workplace, friends, etc; all of which have some sort of common link.  At various points in time change occurs (move job or home) and old ones get dismantled and new ones get formed.  But they are always present and self serving.

But what about communities that are external to you?  What connection do you have with them and why should you even be concerned?   Giving is at the core to answering these questions.  As human beings we also have an innate obligation to serve others even when there is no financial or material reward.  This feeds the mind, heart and soul and is about doing things because its the right thing to do.  When you are involved in events that give, they are typically characterized as life changing, gratifying and yet what do you get materially?  Nothing!

In some respects this feels contradictory to the old saying, “the more you give the more you get”.  The subtle difference is however, when you give from a higher level (unconditional), you receive at that level as well (purpose).  Modern society does not place enough emphasis on the value of this both for the individual giving and receiving.  However the most successful and happy people today, not only have balance in Work and Life, but also in Giving.