Why Conduct an Employee Engagement Survey?

Why Conduct an Employee Engagement Survey?

by necoaching

Employee Engagement is the collective level of intellectual and emotional commitment employees have toward their work and organization. It is a strategic approach supported by plans and actions for driving improvement and organizational change.

90% of US organizations regularly embark upon Employee Engagement surveys to establish a benchmark, or assess progress on levels of engagement, with a view to identifying key initiatives to support their strategic execution.

The benefits of completing such a survey can be as follows:

1. Provide practical steps and advice to support how Leadership views their work, their staff, and their customers.

2. Assist in the design, development and implementation of the Business Strategy and ensure alignment in pursuit of its goals.

3. Ensure that everyone is accountable to a level of Performance consistent with company expectations.

4. Provide a platform where Communications are transparent and authentic.

5. Build a culture that is modeled on mutual Respect.

6. Ensure that all staff receives the appropriate levels of Professional Development to build competencies and help them move from functional to optimal.

Engagement surveys are also a very useful means of heightening awareness around key business drivers and soliciting ideas from employees in terms of innovation and continuous improvement.