Why Become a Professional Coach?

Why Become a Professional Coach?

by necoaching

More and more people today are evaluating the prospect of becoming a Professional Coach.  What is the lure about this profession that has thousands of people turning their backs on their “secure” careers to take the plunge into the unknown?  Here are a few “good to knows”:

1.  Leverage Experience – coaching is not about simply learning how to coach and forgetting all the experience, knowledge and wisdom life has taught you. Great coaches are also teachers who can share this information in a way that opens doors of opportunity for their clients.

2.  Pick Your Niche – coaching is probably the only profession whereby you can essentially select whatever niche you want. Obviously this is going to be somewhat influenced by what you want to leverage from your past but the candidacy for coaching is enormous.

3.  Minimal Costs – coaching can be effectively provided either via phone or in person and with the advancement of pretty accessible teleconferencing (eg Skype), it’s becoming even easier. This can minimize overhead and consequently make coaching much more accessible.

4.  Job Satisfaction – coaching affords the opportunity to become an independent player and really shape your own destiny. It provides for significant flexibility in working hours and provides a level of satisfaction not found in most traditional working environments.

5.  Low Barriers to Entry – coaching is a self regulated profession and therefore quite easy to enter. This is a good news / bad news situation. However those that are serious and undertake formal Certification Training while investing in presenting a credible business will undoubtedly succeed.

The profession of coaching continues to be at an evolutionary phase.  However with all the modern day challenges the demand for coaching is ever increasing and coupled with more high quality individuals entering the profession, a tipping point is eminent.