Top 10 Leadership Traits

Top 10 Leadership Traits

by necoaching

(in no particular order)

18559263_blogThere appears to be an infinite amount of books on the subject of leadership and despite this every year more new ones come out. However to a large degree this subject just gets re-hashed through a different set of lens and therefore continues to be compelling reading for those of us that are seeking the Leadership Utopia of Knowledge. For those who don’t care to read them all, below are what I believe to be essential leadership traits. Do these well and you are 90% of the way there.

Clear vision of the future
They have absolute clarity on where the business is heading even if unsure how and by when they will get there. They truly believe in the vision.

Big picture thinkers
They focus on what’s critical and allow others to manage the detail by clearly understanding the key drivers and associated success indicators. They do not micromanage.

Invest in their people
They see that a primary role for them is to ensure that people are performing at an optimum level. Talent management, from recruitment to retirement, is one of their top priorities.

Sufficient general business knowledge
They know enough about all disciplines to execute upon the vision even though their expertise maybe in sales, operations, finance or some other discipline.

Possess a quiet determination
They work through adversity and understand that this is a journey, not a destination. They expect challenges along the way and work through them with great resolve.

Demonstrate emotionally intelligent behavior.
They understand that working with people is emotional and involves doing the appropriate thing, at the appropriate time, with the appropriate people.

Have personal humility
They possess an uncanny ability to downplay their own contribution and are more driven by supporting other people’s growth and success. They genuinely care about others and less about their own ego.

Self driven towards success
They are on their own with few peers and many reports. It can be lonely but they have learned to adapt well to this environment through a personal inner drive to succeed. They are determined and self motivated.

Look after their personal health
In order to perform at their best, they see their physical well being as key to their being sharp and alert. They exercise regularly.

Have a stable personal life
They ensure time for family because one cannot detach personal and professional life; consequently family provides a reciprocal understanding for their work commitments. They make time for both.