“The Right Fit” Training Organization

“The Right Fit” Training Organization

by necoaching

For many organizations annual budget preparations are beckoning and consequently for Human Resource leadership considering what to allocate for professional and organization development. Whether it’s through a talent management review, succession planning or some fundamental training needs analysis justifying precious financial resources for training is never an easy task.

So once the overall budget is agreed the bigger challenge becomes who will actually be conducting the training? When selecting a training organization here are a few tips to take into consideration to ensure you have what is most important – the right fit.

Quality of Content

It may seem obvious but really pay attention to ensuring that there is good match between the needs of the organization, the people attending and the actual content provided. In addition, what opportunities does the program provide in terms of integration of learning so that it is a real “experience” rather than simply an “event”?

Delivery Method

Based on who is attending what is the best type of delivery? There are so many ways of training nowadays whether via live classroom, books, telephone, internet based, etc. What would be best for your audience? What are their learning styles?

Quality of Trainers

Do the trainers possess sufficient subject matter knowledge and credibility? Check out their bios and / or speak with other organizations that have used them. In addition, do they possess the personalities and capabilities to connect with their audience?

Reputation of Training Organization

Check out how long have they been in existence and find out what other organizations they have worked with and how successful they have been. Assess what support they offer in terms of customization, flexibility, etc and whether this arrangement can truly be a partnership of sorts.

So don’t get hung up with the cost at the beginning; asses the true value it will provide to your organization by understanding “the fit” and this will then create an appropriate context for the cost discussion.