The Pillars of Influence

The Pillars of Influence

by necoaching

In a recent article by Ken Cook, author of “How to Who – Selling Personified”, he described what is involved in the selling process. Ultimately selling is simply about trying to influence somebody into doing something that serves you and, assuming you are not the stereotypical car sales person type, the customer as well. Cook’s theory revolves around four pillars of selling:

  • Awareness – understanding of what client wants
  • Comprehension – of what is being offered
  • Conviction – that what is being offered can satisfy what is being sought
  • Commitment – emotionally and/or financially vested to make a decision

This led me to think of a broader possible use and that these very four pillars could have an impact in many aspects of our lives. When you think of a coach with a client, a teacher with a student, a boss with a report, or a parent with a child, this holds a universal application.

For illustrative purposes, let’s assess each with regards to a coach working with a client. Awareness is key relative to what the client is looking to achieve or what a successful outcome might look like. Comprehension becomes the role of the coach is helping to bring clarity around how the process might help achieve the outcome. Conviction is assessed through the questions asked, the answers given and ultimately, commitment comes from the quality of action taken.

So as you think about an activity you are about to undertake but that you need influence other people to follow you on that path, consider these four pillars and try putting them into practice.