The Meaning of Purpose

The Meaning of Purpose

by necoaching

balance-174328_150What is a life purpose and why is it important? Isn’t life intended to be simple and why not just live in the moment? I read a great little book a few years ago called The Present by Spenser Johnson. The essence of his message is that you should, Learn from the Past, Live in the Present and Plan for the Future. Wow, how profound, yet so simple?

Our purpose maybe found in our past and present but for most of us it is much more critical as it pertains to our future. Why is that? The answer is that most of us haven’t and don’t currently live with a sense of purpose. Kevin McCarthy in his book The On Purpose Person suggests that there are ways in which we can proactively “discover and accomplish” what is most important – this is purpose.

Have you ever tried the exercise of writing your own obituary? I know it sounds morbid but it is quite an amazing exercise. This helps you to consider what you wish to be remembered for. Upon venturing into such an exercise you very quickly forget all the things that you currently worry about – appearance, money, job, etc. and these become relegated very quickly. Instead family, relationships, values, adventure come to the forefront; and this is where one’s purpose truly resides.

One of the greatest ways to live your purpose is to write it down and then tell people. Often times it’s not easy and this provides a form of accountability to do what you said you would do and stick to it. Mine is “to be always there for my family, build / maintain a successful business, have lots of fun and give to others in a meaningful way” – what’s yours?