The Changing Face of Leadership – Part 1

The Changing Face of Leadership – Part 1

by necoaching

Although change is typically reactive, there are a set of circumstances emerging that are forcing leaders to reconsider how they can be most effective. In fact leadership is facing a tipping point. So what is driving this? There are two significant factors emerging, one that has to do with the External Environment we live in and the other is The People who work in it. Let’s consider the External Environment where there are four distinct shifts taking place

1. Community Definition

With the tremendous advances in technology, the world has truly become a smaller place. The internet, outsourcing, ease of travel and communications has led us to a point where our frame of reference is no longer local or even national; it is truly global.

2. Education

Traditional left brain, logical and sequential thinking is being challenged by the more right brain, creative side. This is necessary to drive innovation and help ensure the maintenance of a competitive economy. Education is beginning to reflect this and now a Liberal Arts education is being acknowledged in the Board Room, long the bastion of the MBA.

3. Outer Success

Growing up, survival equated to success. Not knowing any better, this made sense. However this has been surpassed by a culture driven by materialistic possessions. Today in the United States, we live in bigger homes, with fewer kids and yet self storage has become a huge industry. Hard to believe but abundance has surpassed survival.

4. Inner Success

Almost paradoxically to the above and despite the possessions, people are now also searching for a deeper life meaning. It’s as though the physical pleasures are being met through abundance but the psychological component is being found wanting; no longer are people just accepting, they want to understand the meaning and are not afraid to ask.

The External Environment is moving from:
  • A Local to Global Economy
  • A Left Brain to Right Brain Education
  • Survival to Abundance
  • Acceptance to Meaning

If this dramatic change is truly upon us, how will leaders have to conduct themselves in order to effectively operate?

Watch out for Part 2 in the next blog of this three part series