Coaching – Health and Wellness

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Do we really want to lead healthy lifestyles? The answer to this question would be most likely greeted with an overwhelmingly positive response.  Yet we live in a world where unhealthy lifestyles have led to obesity of epidemic proportions and likely to get worse.  Possible solutions appear to suggest either the extreme level (surgery or Biggest Loser) or the basic level (pills, weight watchers, etc) but neither of these provides a sustainable solution. Physical wellbeing is only possible with some psychological preparedness.  For meaningful change, behavioral modifications relative to one’s health are essential.

What do we mean by psychological preparedness?  This is a sincere and authentic assessment as to what a person really wants to do and why; this speaks to their true motivation and desires.  By fully understanding these two elements, individuals will be much more receptive to tackling their physical wellbeing head on.  As the old saying goes “readiness precedes change”.

Professional coaching, executed properly, is an enabler of this.  Effective coaching speaks to the wants and whys, long before any action is taken.  Once these are clarified, they become the impetus, the energy and the motivation for change.  Coaching is also about working with the “whole” person and where a challenge exists in some other aspect of one’s life, it can compromise healthy lifestyle decisions.  For example, if your partner is not in sync with your dietary needs or doesn’t acknowledge the fact that you lost say 20 pounds, then what’s the point?  Behavioral modification can only be affected by ensuring that there is a balance maintained in all aspects of one’s life.

The key to this type of coaching is working with somebody who really knows how to COACH.  Having knowledge about fitness and nutrition are helpful but not essential.  Sustainable change is only possible when it’s been done for the right reason, when somebody is psychological prepared to modify previous behaviors.  It is only through new behaviors and actions can you achieve new results.