Training Programs

Effective Training Programs

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Most people have had the experience of either presenting to or being part of a group where half the attendees didn’t want to be there and the other half weren’t quite sure why they were there. This of course presents a major dilemma to the poor person who is delivering the training. The following 6 keys strategies are important to turn such a potential tough situation into a powerful learning experience.

1. Anticipate this Challenge – work off the assumption that your prospective audience might be like this and prepare them in advance. Send them an article about what you do, have them do an assessment or some other type of pre-work. If nothing else get them curious.

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Selling To Your Boss

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Selling is regarded as the remit of salespeople and many would admit that they hate to sell. This of course is due to the fact that there is a popular perception that selling is about trying to get somebody to purchase something they do not want. Of course the successful salespeople would tell you that selling is very simply all about solving a problem or addressing a need. You are just trying to present them with an option to help them succeed. When you think of it in those simple terms, in reality, most of us are actually selling something all the time. Read more