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What I “LIKE” about you: Facebook page for a coaching practice

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By Rachel O’h-Uiginn, Undercurrent Coaching

Part III of a series of articles focusing on the integration of social media in a coaching practice.

The Facebook “Like” button is quickly become a cultural icon. A little thumbs up goes a long way, so why not give your coaching business that extra boost of confidence? Creating and promoting your practice via a Facebook page will help contribute to a community online with your brand at the center.

When managing your Facebook page, consider these approaches: Tell; don’t sell, quality content and positive interaction.

The quickest way to lose followers on Facebook is by being pushy and one-dimensional about your services. Remember – Facebook is driven by behaviors and interests, and people can sense when someone is being gimmicky. Tell your coaching success, benefits and opportunities in a way that speaks to your audiences’ curiosity; don’t sell it to them.

As discussed in the previous article “Pillars of social media,” your mission and message should echo throughout all your page posts. Engage your fan-base by providing interesting, relevant and action-oriented content. You want your followers to get excited when your post appears in their home feed. They trust that you’re able to speak to their desires and needs. Read more