Sean Achor

The Entrepreneurial Life

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A local well know business school defines Entrepreneurship as “The relentless pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled”. This definition is perhaps open to debate and pretty narrow in scope but it revolves primarily around three major elements, namely:

1. Product idea and development

2. Financing – personal, friends, bank, angels or VC

3. Exit – sale or replacement by competent CEO

This is quite normal perhaps for a high tech start up but there is much more to your typical entrepreneurial endeavor. The first two points are valid but thereafter it can take on many variations with the “Exit” obviously being just one. What appears to be missing is Quality of Life. Many people also start new enterprises to create a career, to build some wealth over a period of time, to create a legacy for their family and very often to be in control. Some would argue that it is all about being the King (in control) or Rich or, is there more to it? Read more