Sales Training

The Ideal Selling Approach

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The ideal selling experience is characterized by appropriate Preparation, Execution and Delivery. These three legs of the sales stool are equally critical and often too much emphasis is placed on one which can jeopardize the whole opportunity. Let’s look at each:


Notwithstanding the obvious in terms of punctuality, appearance and relevant collateral materials, this also has a lot to do with the psychological mindset of the salesperson going into meetings with potential customers. Consider approaching this process in a “coach” like manner. Yes you have to present what you sell but the emphasis needs to switch quickly to seeing this as an opportunity to help your potential client identify and get they want? What do you they need, what are their challenges and what would success look like? The key is to authentically coach a potential client that hopefully results in their purchasing your product or service, because they need it; prepare from the client’s perspective. Read more