Can we learn from Politicians?

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politicsMany of us hold a very skeptical view on how politician’s behave. If you are a fan of the Netflix drama House of Cards and were to believe half of what they do, it’s downright scary. Though this group of powerful men and women often teeter on the edge, there is much to be learned from them in terms of how to achieve success, personally and professionally. After all they must be doing something good simply by virtue of the fact that they are elected (by the people) to do what they do. That itself brings a unique accountability that most of us simply do not have to concern ourselves about.

Ruth Winnet, in a recent article in the Worcester Business Journal offers a number of tips that are associated with politicians; but as leaders, teachers, coaches and parents we too can draw some valuable insights from this on how to achieve success.

  • You can’t be all things to all people – focus on what you truly bring to the table and do your best for those you care most about
  • Branding matters – this is who we are and it very much forms the basis of people’s perception; in their eyes that’s the truth and though you may not be looking for votes, their buy in might be critical
  • Personal behavior is as important as professional behavior – don’t need to add anything more to this; we all need to walk our talk
  • Communication must be appropriate at all times – whether this is oral, written, electronic, formal, informal, you are communicating all the time and standards must be maintained
  • Budgeting matters – money can facilitate very positive outcomes; it requires honesty and prudent management in order to optimize
  • Your competitors can become your allies – there’s plenty to go around for everybody and collaborations are a great formula for success

Sometimes when we see politicians display these characteristics, we see the negative and get frustrated or even angry. But we are all experiencing these same things every day and thankfully we don’t have the same level of scrutiny and accountability. Imagine if we did?