Tapping Into The Network

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By Rachel O’h-Uiginn, Undercurrent Coaching

Networking is like learning to ride a bike; it’s awkward at first, you’re wobbly and uncomfortable and not really sure how you’re going to master it. Networking pushes your comfort zones and forces you to share what’s important to you, listen to what others are up to, and see how together, you two might create a new relationship. Most importantly, networking is PRACTICE and PATIENCE.

Networking serves two functions: it helps you get clear and confident about your ideas and helps you develop relationships with others who can assist you along the way. A good leader doesn’t live in a vacuum; they rely upon others input, experiences and ideas to better inform what action they can take. Networking is all about practicing the art of self-confidence and teaches us that other’s ideas aren’t threats or competition, but opportunities to find support and advice on how to make our own ideas reality.

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