Leadership – Self Management

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Why is it that the focus of Leadership primarily revolves around the relationship a leader has with others? One forgets that this whole process very much starts with the relationship you have with yourself. If this sounds a little bizarre, let me explain.

Do people sometimes regard you as unpredictable, unapproachable (depending on the day), not very receptive to bad news, sad, perhaps not even fun to be around? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you could be lacking in the Genos EI skill of Emotional Self Management. This skill pertains to how effectively you manage your own emotions and it manifests itself as your MOOD. The following strategies offer the opportunity of how you might cope more effectively with moods and dramatically improve your leadership style (and your overall wellbeing and happiness).

1. Thinking Strategies

How do you switch those negative thoughts into positive ones? Some examples of what people use for this might include meditation, perspective shifting, problem solving or reading / self education. These are designed to allow you to relate to worrisome issues more effectively and through a different set of lenses.

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