Social Media – If You’re Not In It, You’re Not With It!

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I have decided to take the proverbial plunge into Social Media and, quite honestly, I feel like a child back in Kindergarten. However, I am very clear on the purpose and totally believe that I should do this in order to grow my business. Social media is such that if “you’re not in it, you’re not with it”. If nothing else, consider the younger generation today who will be your clients tomorrow. How might you market most effectively to them?

So here’s the kindergarten version of how social media works:

Before you get into this race you must have a strong and flexible website. For me, the whole purpose of a social media strategy is simple: to drive people to our website so that they can learn about the business and how we can help or support them.

Blogging is the key. By providing “relevant content to your business”, at least weekly (which I am committing to do!), this fresh content will greatly help your search engine optimization. This means that when people Google a word relevant to your business you will appear higher in the rankings. Blogging can also position you as an expert and, in time, people will want to hear what you have to say. If they like it, they will drive others to your website. Read more