Powerful Coaching

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In a recent conversation with a student of one of our programs I was struck by the impact that some very fundamental tools of coaching had had. The student had shared how the clarity provided through this powerful process had led her to seriously reconsider some of the things she held as absolute in her life. When challenged to explain how this played out she described it as follows:

“It began with being asked very powerful open ended questions, no they were more than powerful, they were empowering, they were about me and they made me look deep inside as to what mattered most to me; I couldn’t stop talking”, was how she started off. Then she continued by stressing that her coach didn’t just listen to what she had to say but acknowledged and validated her, sought clarification and even paraphrased what was being said. Read more

Professional Coaching – The Entrepreneurial Challenge

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Do you want to be a coach or do you want to create a coaching business? Your answer to this question will have a huge bearing on where you place your emphasis and consequently your likelihood of business success.

If you are relatively new to the profession of coaching and are doing this with a view to getting clients and establishing a practice of your own, here are a few key tips.

1. Be fully committed to building a business first

Most new businesses irrespective of service or product rarely generate revenue straight out of the gate. So commit yourself 100% to the business from day 1 which should be when you register for training and not when you get your certification.

2. Establish a niche that is a descriptor

If you say you are a Life Coach or a Professional Coach this is very vague and certainly does not separate you from the pack. However if you say you are an Executive Coach or a Wellness Coach this is much clearer in terms of who you help and in general the challenges you work on. So refine your descriptor as much as possible. Read more