The Power in the Right Question

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Have you ever been at a meeting and while listening to people make statements about what they think or believe you just switch off? Then all of a sudden somebody asks a powerful question and it instantly gets your attention. How ironic (or maybe not) is it that a question rather than a statement (answer) is much more likely to activate something within? This is a powerful insight for anybody engaged in conversations; which is just about everybody.

So what are the benefits of asking the right questions?

Control the Conversation

Good questions, often from the quietest person in the room, tend to lead a conversation down a particular path. Indeed the tone and content of a conversation are primarily driven by the person asking those questions. The key of course is to ask the question the answer to which everybody else could benefit.

Engage Others

The right questions typically make the conversation about the other person. Just as in the introduction paragraph, a good question makes people sit up and participate much more actively.

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5 Tips to Move from Entrepreneur to Effective Leader

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Do successful entrepreneurs automatically make great leaders? Are the skills that allow them to start up their business the same as will bring it to the next level? The answers to both these questions are a resounding no! The main reason is that once you hire staff, a new world sets in. If all you had to contend with before was you, what a shocker when others start looking to you to provide leadership?
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