Coaching – State of the Union

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Having been immersed in the profession of coaching for almost seven years I would like to share with you a brief assessment on its current state under a few broad categories.

  • The Market – Coaching as a profession still remains at an evolutionary stage in its development and understanding. The market is characterized by multiple individuals creating their own coaching practice with a minimal amount of collaboration. This is meeting the needs of the individual coaches but is preventing the profession from creating the scale and recognition necessary to make coaching more mainstream. Executive Coaching remains widely accepted and valued, while Life Coaching needs further refinement and definition. Life Coaches need to be clear in terms of niche definition to better help the public understand the type of service provided.
  • Credibility – Barriers to entry remain relatively low with those serious about this new undertaking as a coach at least investing in being formally trained and certified. Coaches may not be as classroom prepared as therapists or counselors but are receiving much more practical hands on training. This in turn becomes the vehicle through which they can draw on their own knowledge, experience and passion to serve clients effectively. The International Coach Federation continues to gain traction in terms of recognition as the leading professional body of coaches. This alignment with ICF, whether through membership, participation in an ICF accredited coach training program or ICF certification itself, are all important stepping stones to advancing the profession and the individual coach in a credible manner.
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Creating a Demand for Coaching

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For individuals entering the field of coaching there are no shortage of people and organizations to help you. There are programs to become certified as a coach, programs that will provide tools and indeed programs that will help you with business development. After that, you are essentially on your own.

The question that needs to be asked is who apart from all these individual coaches is helping to generate the demand for these services? More specifically what would it take to actually get all those people who are in need of some sort or support or guidance to consider hiring a coach? Most people do not readily understand the benefits of coaching. Which begs the question as to whose responsibility is it to make the public aware of this?

In previous blogs, collaboration on the part of coaches has been highlighted as a key factor in terms of educating and creating market demand. Scale offers variety, credibility, collective knowledge and financial strength to make a meaningful impact. Read more

Genos Emotional Intelligence-ICF

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Genos Emotional Intelligence Accredited to International Coach Federation

Marlborough, MA, March 1, 2009 – Genos was recently acknowledged by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading global organization dedicated to the support and advancement of the coaching profession, when their EI Certification Program was qualified for ICF Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) credits. With ICF accreditation, participants in the Genos EI certification program are now eligible for 19.25 hours of CCE credits.

This program is offered through New England Coaching to countless internal and external coaches. “Gaining accreditation through an independent global organization such as ICF lends great credibility to this program offering”, said Bill Sex, President of New England Coaching. Read more