Coaching and Choosing a Niche

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Professional Coaching can be applied to almost every facet of life.  This is so because it is essentially a process through which you, as a coach, can effectively leverage your own talents, experience and wisdom to help somebody else.  The uniqueness of this individual approach is what drives coaches to carefully choose a niche.

niche targetVery often people get confused or are simply unsure of what their niche should be.  There are the classical ones such as Executive, Business, Career, Wellness or Life but even within these there are areas of specialty.  What is becoming more apparent is that, in an attempt to create differentiation and also demonstrate some expertise, coaches are getting to a “Core Niche”.  This can be defined as the area of specialization most helpful to the client that strongly leverages the unique capabilities of the coach.

This in turn drives business development potential for the coach.  By playing to the unique strengths, selling becomes easier and clients are going to be more drawn to somebody who knows what they are talking about.  By having marketing materials and communication reflect something different allows the coach to separate themselves and have a unique selling proposition.   So differentiation facilitates getting more clients!

However once you begin to service a client, this is where the expertise in the coaching process kicks in.  By its very nature, coaching adopts a holistic approach to people’s challenges; it looks at them in the context of the whole life because nothing happens in isolation.  As the coach looks at the whole person, they help identify these inter dependencies and really help seek the appropriate and sustainable solution.  It’s truly about getting impactful results.  So coaching facilitates servicing clients at the highest level!

However you view it, your niche, as a coach, should define the authentic you.  When it does, selling and coaching becomes exponentially easier and more effective.

Leadership & Motivation

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What is the role of leadership when it comes to motivating staff? Some would argue that if you hire the right people they will be self motivated and that will be enough. Others think that effective leadership is about empowering people and giving them the autonomy to do the job. And finally others believe that it is up to leaders to drive motivation. The true answer, most likely is that it requires a bit of all three.

When somebody is hired the price of entry is driven by Extrinsic Motivation; people want to know what their entitlements are in terms of pay, bonus, benefits, etc. However, a cautionary note is that the more somebody feels entitled the less it becomes a motivational driver. In fact, when these entitlements become threatened, for example not earning the same bonus as previous year, it can actually become de-motivating. Read more

Professional Coaching – The Entrepreneurial Challenge

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Do you want to be a coach or do you want to create a coaching business? Your answer to this question will have a huge bearing on where you place your emphasis and consequently your likelihood of business success.

If you are relatively new to the profession of coaching and are doing this with a view to getting clients and establishing a practice of your own, here are a few key tips.

1. Be fully committed to building a business first

Most new businesses irrespective of service or product rarely generate revenue straight out of the gate. So commit yourself 100% to the business from day 1 which should be when you register for training and not when you get your certification.

2. Establish a niche that is a descriptor

If you say you are a Life Coach or a Professional Coach this is very vague and certainly does not separate you from the pack. However if you say you are an Executive Coach or a Wellness Coach this is much clearer in terms of who you help and in general the challenges you work on. So refine your descriptor as much as possible. Read more

Coaching & the HR Function

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Organizations are now looking to see how they can more fully integrate coaching into their staff training and development. These companies have already embraced this methodology at a senior level where many executive are being exposed to external coaches. However these resources are typically expensive and therefore rarely made available to people outside the executive suite.

Recognizing the benefits, companies are now creating their own cadre of internal coaches, an initiative which is been driven by the Human Resource function. This need is being met by having staff participate in formal certification programs or creating an internal initiative. This has led to business improvements but also to the fact that the HR function is being seen in a new light in the following ways. Read more

Coaching, Marketing and Collaboration?

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The profession of coaching is struggling to gain acceptance in main stream primarily due to lack of education, poor communication of the value proposition and finally, how coaches position their businesses. Add to this the lack of understanding of who in fact makes up the market for coaching.

In marketing language, they talk about two constituent groups, namely the Total Served Market and the Total Available Market. Let’s understand what these represent and then contextualize it for the Coaching Profession. Read more