Core Performance Dynamics

The Energy Gap

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For many years I have been very curious as to what really enables performance at the optimum level. In fact I was of the belief that if you had the technical knowledge and the people skills (via personality type and emotional intelligence) to compliment this, then you had the full package. However there is a missing component – the energy to project this complex machine forward in the desired direction. If using a car as a metaphor, it’s like having a fully functioning car plus a very capable driver but forgetting to put in the gasoline.Z

iPEC Coaching, in its ground breaking work, has proposed that one’s energy holds the key! It can be influenced by many variables and unlocks optimal performance. iPEC are taking many of the fundamentals of Life and Business Coaching and seeking to use these directly with athletes relative to their excelling on a consistent basis. One key element of this is understanding the role of energetic presentation. This speaks to one’s motivation and the degree of stress at a given point in time and essentially is the “level of gas” in the tank at that moment.

energyAs an example for golfers, think about that moment on the first tee; for most of us it’s not a good feeling and very often is the precursor for poor performance. Constant practice alone or expensive equipment is not sufficient. In order to fully understand one’s energetic presentation relative to your golf game you must look at it in the context of the following six variables:

  • Spiritual – what’s your purpose for playing golf?
  • Mental – how do you respond to competition?
  • Emotional – what happens when you have a really bad hole?
  • Physical – do you get tired before finishing a round?
  • Social – who don’t you like to play with and why?
  •  Environmental – are you a fair weather player?

These influencers all have a bearing on how you show up energetically and, whether you are a professional or amateur, they have a huge impact on your ability to perform to your own potential. Ever wonder why athletes have bad days?