Optimal Teamwork

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If a leader was to suggest that there was an absence of teamwork in their organization it would be shunned upon and seen as a deficiency on his/her part. Operating with teams just because it seems like the right thing to do doesn’t actually work. However for teamwork to truly succeed it takes a conscious effort on everybody’s part and the following fundamentals need to be present.

Clear Direction

A clear unifying path as to where the team is heading is essential. Leadership of the team can be quite but must be decisive and vocal at this point. This involves ensuring that the right people are on the team and most importantly that everybody understands the expectations of success.

Genuine Trust

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Coaching – A Critical Crossroad

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Coaching is becoming a more credible profession as it offers many positive outcomes to multiple niches. What is interesting is that the actual served market is quite small relative to a massive available market (as so many people could benefit from coaching). As more coaches are becoming certified is the market demand growing at a similar (or greater rate) to meet this capacity and what can be done? This represents a critical crossroad for the Profession of Coaching.

The answer to this actually lies in the hands of the many coaches out there whose responsibility it is to expand this served market and actually guarantee their own success. Here are 3 key strategies required to make that work:

Explain the Benefits

Lets start with some 101 marketing and remember that the process of coaching does not sell; it’s the benefits. Coaches need to get very specific about how their clients will grow and be better as a result of working with them. Provide some value from the very start and share the success stories experienced with other clients. Read more

Coaching, Marketing and Collaboration?

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The profession of coaching is struggling to gain acceptance in main stream primarily due to lack of education, poor communication of the value proposition and finally, how coaches position their businesses. Add to this the lack of understanding of who in fact makes up the market for coaching.

In marketing language, they talk about two constituent groups, namely the Total Served Market and the Total Available Market. Let’s understand what these represent and then contextualize it for the Coaching Profession. Read more

The Changing Face of Leadership-Part 3

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In the last two blogs we discussed how there are a set of circumstances emerging that is forcing leaders to reconsider how they can be most effective now and into the future. This, we explained, was being driven by two factors.

The External Environment which is moving from

  • Local to Global Economy
  • Left Brain to Right Brain Education
  • Survival to Abundance
  • Acceptance to Meaning

The Internal Environment explained the human impact of

  • Multiple Careers
  • Involvement with Creative Endeavors
  • Feeling Valued
  • Having Fun

So, given that this is how the environment is being shaped, what does this mean for leadership effectiveness in the 21st Century? Read more