The New Year and No Regrets

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I was recently asked by my own coach to identify my 100 Desires; anything I would like to do, to be, to taste, to go, to have or to experience. Whatever came to mind was written down with little or no judgment. Interestingly, the exercise turned out to be much more difficult than I thought it would be. The first 30 or so were easy, but then it got steadily more difficult and by 45, I was done. I put it aside for a few days and came back to it and added another 5. The more I reflected on this exercise, the more I thought there was a catch or perhaps I was missing something.
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So, I decided to view this from the perspective of what would the people who I care most about say. I thought of my wife, my kids, my coach and some of my closest friends and before I know it the ideas were flowing again; it felt so good. Interestingly I found that this is pretty much a reflection of our personal and professional lives. Initially getting things done is easy, and then progressively becomes more difficult, until eventually we often give up. However, if you think of other people, you very often find a new lease of life and the creative process kicks in and you advance. Then finally your effort pays off and great things happen.

So, as we embrace the beckoning of a New Year, give this exercise a try. It may not be easy, but bear in mind that everything we set our minds to do is possible but perhaps takes time, money, creativity, and above all perseverance. Some might say where there’s a will, there’s a way and, by also considering what others might hope for you, it can be just the added impetus you needed. Start to live a life of “no regrets”, that’s filled with a sense of purpose and service, and you’d be pleasantly surprised how fulfilled and happier you can be.

Decision Makers for Professional Development

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Professional development is not an easy sell. In fact in many organizations, training is seen as a discretionary cost and, if budgets are tight, it is often one of the first things to be cut. This maybe perceived as understandable as often associated benefits are less tangible and impact is not typically immediate. Of course most progressive organizations recognize that their only way to get better is to invest in their people. After all that is what will keep them ahead of the competition. 

Consequently for organizations selling their training services, one needs to be mindful of the agenda of those to whom they are selling to. As much as 101 sales training will stress the need to speak to the ultimate decision maker, this is not always the possible, particularly in large organizations. Quite often it starts with speaking with a Human Resources representative who is charged with the responsibility of identifying a suitable program and vendor. They in turn will typically present and justify their recommendation to the manager of the people identified for training. So really there are at least two buying groups both of whom look at this proposition quite differently. Read more

Why Become a Professional Coach?

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More and more people today are evaluating the prospect of becoming a Professional Coach.  What is the lure about this profession that has thousands of people turning their backs on their “secure” careers to take the plunge into the unknown?  Here are a few “good to knows”:

1.  Leverage Experience – coaching is not about simply learning how to coach and forgetting all the experience, knowledge and wisdom life has taught you. Great coaches are also teachers who can share this information in a way that opens doors of opportunity for their clients.

2.  Pick Your Niche – coaching is probably the only profession whereby you can essentially select whatever niche you want. Obviously this is going to be somewhat influenced by what you want to leverage from your past but the candidacy for coaching is enormous.

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Organization or Solo-Preneur?

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For the majority of those reading this you are either part of an organization or are pursuing a solo-preneurial career. Whichever you might be on there is always the question as to whether it’s “greener” on the other side. To make a decision to move in either direction is huge and can never be taken lightly.

The following are some key categories and associated questions that one should consider in terms of what might be right for you.

1. Knowledge – Is your area of specialization something that could drive your own business or fit in better as part of an organization? How might your knowledge and experience be most fully leveraged?

2. Motivation – Are you a self starter or do you need others to motivate and acknowledge your efforts? Can you hold yourself personally accountable or do you need somebody else to hold your feet to the fire?

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Leadership – Self Management

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Why is it that the focus of Leadership primarily revolves around the relationship a leader has with others? One forgets that this whole process very much starts with the relationship you have with yourself. If this sounds a little bizarre, let me explain.

Do people sometimes regard you as unpredictable, unapproachable (depending on the day), not very receptive to bad news, sad, perhaps not even fun to be around? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you could be lacking in the Genos EI skill of Emotional Self Management. This skill pertains to how effectively you manage your own emotions and it manifests itself as your MOOD. The following strategies offer the opportunity of how you might cope more effectively with moods and dramatically improve your leadership style (and your overall wellbeing and happiness).

1. Thinking Strategies

How do you switch those negative thoughts into positive ones? Some examples of what people use for this might include meditation, perspective shifting, problem solving or reading / self education. These are designed to allow you to relate to worrisome issues more effectively and through a different set of lenses.

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Hiring the Right Leader

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“If you wanna know me, come live with me”. So they say and despite the rigors of an interview process and the many assessments that can be conducted, hiring the right person in a leadership position is never easy.

Resumes are now independently produced to show only the “win” column. Interview techniques can be honed to such a degree that you are almost asking is this guy too good to be true. The ideal candidate should be capable of achieving impact within a very short time of joining an organization; so what are the musts to be aware of when seeking out the ideal candidate?

Organizational Fit

Every organization has its own unique characteristics and a new candidate needs to “fit in” easily and quickly. This does not mean conformity or change adverse but has the unique ability to be “stealth like” in terms of building positive relationship and rapidly becoming part of the team. Read more

Professional Coaching – The Entrepreneurial Challenge

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Do you want to be a coach or do you want to create a coaching business? Your answer to this question will have a huge bearing on where you place your emphasis and consequently your likelihood of business success.

If you are relatively new to the profession of coaching and are doing this with a view to getting clients and establishing a practice of your own, here are a few key tips.

1. Be fully committed to building a business first

Most new businesses irrespective of service or product rarely generate revenue straight out of the gate. So commit yourself 100% to the business from day 1 which should be when you register for training and not when you get your certification.

2. Establish a niche that is a descriptor

If you say you are a Life Coach or a Professional Coach this is very vague and certainly does not separate you from the pack. However if you say you are an Executive Coach or a Wellness Coach this is much clearer in terms of who you help and in general the challenges you work on. So refine your descriptor as much as possible. Read more

5 Tips to Move from Entrepreneur to Effective Leader

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Do successful entrepreneurs automatically make great leaders? Are the skills that allow them to start up their business the same as will bring it to the next level? The answers to both these questions are a resounding no! The main reason is that once you hire staff, a new world sets in. If all you had to contend with before was you, what a shocker when others start looking to you to provide leadership?
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