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changeMuch has been written on the topic of change whether it’s around resistance to change, the need for change, the impact of change or something else. However you look at it, there is certainly an inevitability associated with it, so why not embrace it and take greater control of its impact?

As with many situations one can be either be at the cause or effect of some “change” event, or perhaps be the player or the victim. All too often people take a passive role and let life pass by rather than take the perhaps riskier position of being proactive and seeing change for all the positivity it can present. In the famous works of Gandhi, we should “be the change you want to see”.

To embrace change in this manner, the following 6 drivers might be helpful.

  • Awareness – this is where everything starts relative to the people and environment around you and, being mindful of where you are at in that moment, is also critically important.
  • Readiness – one needs to be willing and able to embrace whatever is about to happen and have dealt with all possible internal resistance.
  • Opportunity – with every challenge comes an opportunity, and seeing it through the lenses of positivity is critical.
  • Confidence – this is necessary in order to forge through the inevitable external resistance that will be encountered.
  • Energy – though the intellectual capacity might exist, the real drive will come from with within in terms of engagement, commitment and motivation.
  • Worth – make it impactful rather than “change for the sake of change”; then the next time there will be far less resistance.

Think about a change event you are considering, and assess what it means in terms of the above. What is you awareness level relative to its impact (for you and others)? How ready are you? What is the possibility that might result from this event? How confident are you? How driven are you to see it through? And finally, does the outcome really justify the effort?

Every day we deal with change and when you embrace it can be a true gift. That is not to say that all change is good but if you choose to embrace it (player/cause) rather than let it control you (victim/effect), it will serve you well. What do you think?

Organization or Solo-Preneur?

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For the majority of those reading this you are either part of an organization or are pursuing a solo-preneurial career. Whichever you might be on there is always the question as to whether it’s “greener” on the other side. To make a decision to move in either direction is huge and can never be taken lightly.

The following are some key categories and associated questions that one should consider in terms of what might be right for you.

1. Knowledge – Is your area of specialization something that could drive your own business or fit in better as part of an organization? How might your knowledge and experience be most fully leveraged?

2. Motivation – Are you a self starter or do you need others to motivate and acknowledge your efforts? Can you hold yourself personally accountable or do you need somebody else to hold your feet to the fire?

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