Executive Coaching Assignment – Preparation is Key

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For many involved in Executive Coaching, every new engagement presents different challenges and personalities. However the proper preparation in advance of starting will always provide the fundamental foundation for success.

Here are a few tips to consider ensuring this happens.

  • Start with the end in mind. In other words get absolute clarity from the executive in terms of what success would look like for them. Write it down and reference it often throughout the process.
  • Speak with his / her boss. Typically the boss has either suggested or acknowledged the need to hire a coach in the first place; understanding their role in the process (i.e supportive) and their perspective of what success looks like to them, is very important for you as the coach to know.
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Emotional Intelligence – The Essential Coaching Tool

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Since Emotional Intelligence (EI) emerged over 20 years ago and became popularized by Daniel Goleman, it has found many different applications. Not alone is the theory and its practical application used it many aspects of life, it has also become a critical assessment for coaches as part of their toolkit. Why is that?

Firstly, many of the well known assessments such as Disc, Myers Briggs and Lomminger, describe how a person is and what is useful for others to know about that person. These, though great to know and understand, tend to be matter of fact and static. However the Genos model of EI, for example, describes the individual over seven skills and provides an assessment that is fluid and consequently forms a Baseline for Development. Read more

A Good Coaching Tool is KEY!

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Coaches come out of Training Schools with a powerful array of skills and techniques. They understand that they need to develop their business, get clients and provide their services in the most professional manner. However when it comes to Life Coaches there appears to be a reluctance to consider coaching tools or perhaps not a lot are actually available. Executive Coaches use a plethora of tools such as Myers Briggs, Disc, iPEC’s Energy Leadership Index, Genos Emotional Intelligence, Lominger, etc.

Here are 4 reasons why having a good tool can truly help achieve success.

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