Similarities between Coaching and Investing

Similarities between Coaching and Investing

by necoaching

insuranceI was recently researching the benefits of having a Whole Life Insurance Policy. For the uninformed this is like a life insurance plus an investment portfolio all wrapped up in one. The beauty of whole life insurance is that there is a payment when you actually die; the more typical life insurance policies expire when you turn 65. This all sounds very morbid but there is a point as it relates to coaching that I would like to elaborate on.

Firstly, on a very practical level, coaching is an investment both in terms of time, effort and money. You need to commit resources on a consistent basis in order to get a return. There is also a relationship to how much you put in and yes, just as with your money, there are trade offs in terms of redirecting some of your priorities.

Secondly, there’s the risk. What might coaching uncover about who you are, your purpose, your destiny? What actions will you be willing to take in pursuit of what matters most to you? How might it impact your family, the people you work with, your career or your business? With actions there are always consequences.

Thirdly, there’s the control. Unlike a financial investment, you have more control over YOU than anybody else. Coaching helps to create this self awareness and confidence, and the proof is the countless stories of how people have overcome enormous adversity in pursuit of a dream. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

And finally, there’s the return. With an investment portfolio, there are no guarantees but history would suggest that it you are in it for the long run, it will inevitably lead to a positive outcome. So it is with coaching, if you commit resources and are prepared to try new things, inevitably something positive will manifest.

Ironically the insurance policy alluded to above as “Whole Life” also pertains to coaching. Irrespective or what type you might receive, whether executive, career or wellness, there is no separation between personal and professional; they all intertwine. So in many respects what one is investing in is Whole Life Coaching.