Selling To Your Boss

Selling To Your Boss

by necoaching

Selling is regarded as the remit of salespeople and many would admit that they hate to sell. This of course is due to the fact that there is a popular perception that selling is about trying to get somebody to purchase something they do not want. Of course the successful salespeople would tell you that selling is very simply all about solving a problem or addressing a need. You are just trying to present them with an option to help them succeed. When you think of it in those simple terms, in reality, most of us are actually selling something all the time.

When something new is presented in the workplace there is an element of selling whether it is a new process or piece of equipment, new work practices or anything that involves some deviation from the norm. For example, what about if you have a new training program that you would like to introduce into your organization? You may not be the sole decision maker and therefore you may have to “sell” to your boss and / or other people.

Here are 5 key steps to selling internally.

  • Believe in the idea fully yourself – if you do not legitimately believe that this program will benefit the organization no one else will either.
  • Translate the benefits succinctly – what would this mean directly to your company and how will it make them better
  • Be the program expert – know all about the training elements, time requirements, participants, etc.
  • Know your decision makers – depending on who your audience is, they will be looking for different things (eg the finance person would like an ROI)
  • Be confident in your presentation – adequate preparation will ensure this

Selling is really about using influencing (Coaching) skills to affect an outcome that should be in the mutual interest of all parties involved. Though sometimes challenging, when done properly, it is extremely rewarding and satisfying.