Recruiting for Success – FIT

Recruiting for Success – FIT

by necoaching

As the old saying goes, “if you want to know me, come live with me”. And so it is that many organizations, despite rigorous screening processes, very often find out when it’s too late; they have hired the wrong person. When you consider the recruitment fee, signing on bonus, learning curve, etc the costs are huge. According to Eric Koester of, estimates range from 1.5x to 3x of salary for the ‘fully-baked’ cost of an employee.

This is not to say that the current process is bad but rather insufficient. Without doubt a recruiter can provide a reasonable number of potential candidates based on technical expertise and experience. Interviews help in terms of getting a variety of perspectives from people familiar with the organization. However these can be skewed by individuals following their own agendas and not really looking for what’s best for the organization. Will this person show me up? I don’t like where he/she went to college, they’re no fun, etc. Notwithstanding this traditional process, would you really want to marry somebody after two or three dates; I don’t think so. So what’s missing?

Clearly there is something elusive about connecting the potential candidates with the job that’s to be filled. How are these individuals most likely to behave once settled in and what, from an intrinsic (non monetary/benefits) motivation point of view, truly “makes them tick”. What if you had some insights as to their most likely behavior and also knew what truly motivated them (beyond the dollar)?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) speaks to a certain skill set that manifests in how people behave and, subsequently and most importantly, how they relate to others – boss, peers, reports, clients, vendors, etc. How do they show up? Are they empathetic towards others, can they manage moods or control emotions in tough situations? Imagine if you could identify what EI skills were necessary for a certain position and then compared these to the perceived skills of a potential candidate?

Intrinsic motivating factors play a small role in hiring somebody but a huge role in whether they stay or you keep them. Imagine if you could assesses the level of congruence that existed within a specific job relative to what really motivates the potential candidate?

Ultimately we are looking for “FIT”. Perhaps Emotional Intelligence and Motivation are the missing links.