Promoting Your Business

Promoting Your Business

by necoaching

Chet Holmes, author of The Ultimate Selling Machine, speaks about some pretty astounding statistics when it comes to selling. He claims that in most cases 3% of people are in the market for your product and that maybe another 7% might be open. The other 90% is not in the market at this time.

This is pretty scary and you might rightfully wonder how are you going to even find that 10%, let alone the 3% who want your product? The answer lies in you ability to communicate your message in such a compelling way that even those within the 90% become interested in what you have to sell, thus making your likelihood of success far greater.

Here are 5 key tips to increasing your probability of success.

  • Get their attention initially by telling them something that wows them. This could be a personal success and it normally gets a response like “wow, I didn’t know that.
  • Place the focus on what they need and not what you sell. Through your research try to find out what is important to them and demonstrate that you understand their needs. This could be through insightful questioning of the individual, speaking to others or doing some independent research.
  • Offer something of value to them. This could be in the form of some information or insights that would be useful to them
  • Provide some consequences for inaction. Holmes argues that bad news sells and gets people attention far quicker the good news – even when selling. This could be around poor choices, unhealthy lifestyles, economy, etc.
  • Be ready to clearly demonstrate how you can help them. At this point you will have created sufficient interest and intrigue they’ll want to know how you can help.

If you can prepare accordingly, you will feel a lot more confident and compelling. Consequently, your probability of success will be far greater.