Powerful Coaching

Powerful Coaching

by necoaching

In a recent conversation with a student of one of our programs I was struck by the impact that some very fundamental tools of coaching had had. The student had shared how the clarity provided through this powerful process had led her to seriously reconsider some of the things she held as absolute in her life. When challenged to explain how this played out she described it as follows:

“It began with being asked very powerful open ended questions, no they were more than powerful, they were empowering, they were about me and they made me look deep inside as to what mattered most to me; I couldn’t stop talking”, was how she started off. Then she continued by stressing that her coach didn’t just listen to what she had to say but acknowledged and validated her, sought clarification and even paraphrased what was being said. “It was like I was hearing back what I was saying and it was clear that they got me, but also that I got myself”, she said.

What was most fascinating and revealing about this process for her what how it then subsequently translated into action. “For me I saw coaching as a moment to address many of my challenges”, she said, “but more importantly it helped me reveal the many opportunities that lay beneath the surface of these challenges. I was so excited for the many options that revealed themselves to me”. She continued, “finally as these opportunities unfolded, I was actually presented with choices, what I wanted to do, what was a priority, what would a successful outcome look like. More importantly I felt a great sense of freedom and realized that I was assuming control over my own life”

In many instances people live their lives as victims and relinquish personal control to somebody else, a husband, wife, parent, boss, etc. It’s a very sad and helpless state and truthfully not what “that other person” wants either. However by experiencing “effective coaching”, conversations turn into understanding, questioning / listening turn into relationships, challenges become opportunities and victims become players. Players take action and action creates results.

Become a player in your game of life; hire a coach.