Coaching Tool

Coaching Tool

by necoaching

Though the Possibility Boardâ„¢ can be used by individuals working on their own, it can be even more powerful if used as a process in conjunction with being coached. Most importantly, it provides a tangible methodology to promote coaching services making it easier to articulate to prospective clients how they will be helped.

The Coaching Process User Manual guides coaches through a stepped process to effectively work with clients and complement the coaching skills and tools learned in the classroom.

It Supports Coaches as Follows:

  • An easy Registration Process where the coach can sign up the client and build this cost into the overall pricing. (Note the overall additional value provided by this tool should considerably exceed the cost)
  • A systematic process to guide you through a variety of steps, using coaching skills and techniques, towards a positive outcome.
  • The opportunity to do some deep enquiry at the beginning in order to fully understand the client (through the development of the Foundation and High Level Possibility Board).
  • Work for the client to do in between sessions as they consider how appropriately to populate the tool.
  • The ability for the client to send updates to the coach upon completion of various activities.
  • Documented outputs for client and coach to track progress.
  • A proven formula for success once followed through on.
  • A user license that is unique to the client and can be used after the coaching engagement has been completed.

One Year License: $57
Two Year License: $99
Five Year License: $188

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