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Many progressive organizations are coming to realize the tremendous impact of utilizing coaching skills and tools as a “best practice” way of motivating and developing staff. At its core is the idea of enabling individuals to rise above their current level of performance to achieve optimal results. In addition to this, the “wellness” of employees throughout the organization is also a significant factor given the costs of healthcare, absenteeism and turnover, not to mention reduced productivity. Finally organizations that promote employee health and well-being are three and a half times more likely to encourage creativity and innovation, according to a study presented by Right Management’s research team at the World Economic Forum.

In practical terms, it provides a

  • Provides a Developmental Experience that allows participants to take control and improve their overall personal and professional effectiveness.
  • Enables participants to create a structured Life Plan that encourages and supports a Balanced Life Style.
  • Positions the organization as a Caring Employer thereby encouraging lower absenteeism and turnover as well as enhanced productivity and innovation.
  • Helps to create an improvement mindset that is fueled by a coaching approach where the focus is on helping staff move from Functional to Optimal.

The key features are:

  • Promptings and useful tips to help determine your values, strengths and purpose
  • Thought provoking questions toward the development of your current life balance based on 7 key elements
  • The creation of your own interactive High Level Possibility Board™
  • Identification of SMART goals leading to the creation of Goal Level Possibility Boards™
  • Access to a picture library or use of downloadable photographs from your computer in creating all Boards
  • A system to track your progress once activities related to the goals are identified
  • Output features such as screensaver, wallpaper and e-mail as constant reminders to that which you have committed
  • The ability to continuously update and modify as priorities change

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