iPEC Life Potential Training Testimonials

iPEC Life Potential Training Testimonials

by necoaching

“Let me extend to you and also to the two twin flames (Trainers), Stephanie and Tara, a most heartfelt sense of warmth and appreciation for three exceptional and successful days spent with them and the Class of Ma-10. I walked into that room on Friday morning with 19 people and left on Sunday knowing 19 exceptional souls. The only other time that I have felt such a concentrated out pouring of energies over such a short period of time occurred at the Olympic Games. I am a witness as well as a participant to the very real and moving moments that we all shared. To all of my colleagues and new friends, some of whom I was able share first hand with the tasks we did and to those who still remain a slight mystery, I am so looking forward to our next time. My enthusiasm and passion are matched only by the rapid passage of time until then. What a really AWESOME weekend I had with everyone. With a profound sense of well being and gratitude.”

– Kim, Wilmington, VT

“In terms of how it went for the first session, I thought it was terrific. The instructors were phenomenal, and the group of people is terrific. I’m looking forward to the rest of the program!”

Shannon F. ,Boston, MA

“I was reflecting on the Life Potentials Weekend and had some thoughts. First, I thought the whole process was amazing and greatly exceeded my expectations. Once I was there, the content and experience confirmed that expanding my level of coaching was what I really wanted to do in my career. The interaction of the group and also the level of expertise and passion of the facilitators was much greater than I had anticipated. I am really glad that I decided to pursue this opportunity.”

Rich M.,Worcester, MA

“Words do not adequately describe the transformational experience of last weekend. I have told my friends and family, I am truly not the same person I was when I walked in on Friday morning. The experience awakened what was already there within me. I just did not know how to see it. The energy generated within that room was beyond anything I could have imagined! Our trainers, Stephanie, Deb and Sherry are phenomenal, inspiring, unique people. I learned during the process of that weekend that I have finally begun to realize what my purpose and potential is! I am thrilled to follow this journey I am on and have no expectation where it will lead me, except to feel the presence of the moment I am in!”

Susan M. , Mendon, MA

“My experience from this weekend was so amazing. I went there thinking I am going to be able to coach and make a difference in so many peoples’ lives; little did I know I was there for me. Steph made a statement at one point when I expressed how furious I was with the program and how it did not make sense, not knowing the anger showing up was not about my instructors but about me (imagine that). Stephanie allowed me to stay in that place, and that was the most freeing thing I have ever experienced. I was taught all my life not to feel and definitely not express those feelings, so I had all this junk so suppressed and did not even realize it. I feel like my eyes were opened this weekend. I see everything so differently now. IT IS AMAZING. On Sunday morning, an incident happened that would have normally thrown me for a loop, BUT I was able to look at it through totally different glasses. I will forever be grateful for the instructors that allowed and guided us to see what we held on the inside of us.”

Stephanie, Boulder, CO