iPEC Coaching Certification

iPEC Coaching Certification

by necoaching

As an HR professional, participating in the iPEC Coaching Program has been transformational for me and my executive coaching practice within Novartis.  The overall approach to instruction and application, as designed by iPEC and sanctioned by The International Coach Federation (ICF), was designed in such a way as to make the coaching process, tools, and techniques practical yet cutting edge and transformational.  I know that my internal clients, all of whom are senior executives, have benefitted tremendously from this program and our coaching efforts.  I strongly advocate for those who are seeking coaching education and training to consider the iPEC program.

– Richard S. Spada, MA, CPC Sr. Global Manager Diversity & Inclusion,  Novartis Pharma AG

The iPEC Coaching Program has been a tremendous help to me both in and out of the professional arena. Through the completion of this program I feel I have a  heightened ability to influence and persuade others to reach their goals both personally and professionally.The program has helped me to acquire the  executive voice that aligns with my position.The tools I have learned improved my ability to build alliances internally as well as externally to my job. I have the confidence and knowledge to obtain increased adaptability to challenges.I feel I have enhanced diplomacy, tact, and social acumen. I utilize the skills I have been taught with colleagues, managers and family members and friends. I have developed skills to effectively coach and mentor my healthcare team.
Thank you iPEC you have changed my life.

– Angela Belmont, MS RN NEA-BC DON Critical Care/Cardiopulmonary and Emergency Services – Faxton St Luke’s Healthcare

The IPEC training was one of the most powerful experiences of my adult life. The coaching tools I learned through the program, while easy to master, have proven transformational in my life and in the lives of clients with whom I’ve worked. Coaching is the next frontier toward living happy, healthy and successful lives, and New England Coaching is the premier organization preparing top coaches. The staff and peers I met through New England Coaching were outstanding. Their professionalism, positivity and enthusiasm shaped my experience, and I’ll continue to draw upon this invaluable support network throughout my career.
– Miriam Katz, Brookline, MA

The iPEC Coaching program has proved to be an invaluable experience.  As a result, I have significantly increased my coaching skill effectiveness and am better equipped to help leaders stay accountable to accomplishing their own leadership and organizational goals.  I highly recommend the iPEC program for both managers and HR professionals.

– Jamie Alpha,  Human Resources Director, Pfizer Healthcare

After a twenty-five year career in law enforcement with the last ten years as an executive I cannot say how much the tool and dynamics of coaching are so badly needed in this profession. New England Coaching and the iPEC program provided me the skills and tools that I need to bring this badly needed dynamic into a profession that is constantly challenged and overwhelmed. New Eng;and Coaching not only delivered the tools but did so in a highly responsive and professional manner. I feel like I have a world of support around me as I venture into my new career as a law enforcement executive coach.

– Ret. Police Chief Edward Cronin, Fitchburg, MA

I was particularly impressed by the quality of the instructors. They opened my mind to much new possiblity and helped to foster both my personal and professional growth. I also enjoyed interacting with the participants in the program who brought varying perspectives with many of them experienced business people. In summary, I highly recommend this program for those who want to incorporate coaching as part of their leadership toolkit.

– Juan Antonio Fernandez, Professor of Management, China Europe International Business School, Shanghai (China)

The teaching of excellent coaching concepts using quality training materials by experienced and passionate coaches provided me the opportunity to learn and become a professional coach, and equally important, to grow as a person.

– Bob Lloyd – Ledyard, CT

The iPEC program was the best present I’ve ever given myself. In addition to learning the coaching tools and techniques, it enables you to get a 360 view of how your life is going, what you want it to be, and how you’re going to get there. And you end up finishing it with an amazing new set of friends

– Rosanne Essiambre, Winchester, MA

“iPEC Coaching … Inspiring, Powerful, Thought-provoking, Diverse, and Practical. The blue ribbon for its comprehensive and unique content, results-producing focus, incredible role models, extremely high value for your investment, ability to enhance the quality of your life. Bottom line… iPEC defines self-empowerment.”

— Jeffrey St. Laurent, Leominister, MA

“I initially chose the iPEC Program because of the opportunity to interact with other students both in person and by telephone. This has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made! The instructors create a highly interactive learning environment with lots of opportunities to share ideas and learn from each other as well as the instructors. As a business consultant, I am continually interacting with others in a partnership aimed at addressing their financial, operational and frequently personal issues. The iPEC training has provided me with new insights as to how to better serve my clients and others.”

— Sue Ascioti, Ludlow, MA

“I can honestly say that my life has not been the same since I started this training program. I am living a more authentic, fulfilling and vibrant life.”

— Sue Greenleaf, Director- Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, Waterford, CT

“iPEC has given me the tools and the confidence to start my own coaching business, something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Thanks to all the wonderful people I have met through iPEC, I also feel an ongoing support for continued learning and growth as I venture out on my own.”

— Karen Kazarian, Worcester, MA

“My experience in the iPEC Coaching training was profound in two ways. First, it gave me access to a leading-edge occupation, doing work that I love to do and getting paid very well for doing. Second, and perhaps even more importantly, it opened in me a doorway to possibility, a space for internal transformation that continues to this day, years later. Coaching isn’t just about coaching; it’s also about walking the walk. The iPEC Coaching training gave me the tools, skills, techniques, and insights to help me keep ‘what I do’ fully aligned with ‘who I am.’”

— Carmine Leo, Cornville, ME

“This is not just your ordinary coaching program. This program opened my eyes to the greatness that lies in each and every one of us and helped me recognize the amazing ability to be, do, and have whatever I desire. This program has enriched all aspects of my life and allowed me to empower others to positively change their lives as well.”

— Kendra Sowers, Burlington, VT