Genos Emotional Intelligence Testimonials

Genos Emotional Intelligence Testimonials

by necoaching

“The Genos EI Certification Training Program was an invaluable experience for me. The program offers the usage of a viable leadership development tool that I have applied in my executive coaching and human resources consulting business. In addition, being certified in the program’s application and delivery has afforded me the opportunity to provide leadership development training to enhance my clients’ knowledge about the usage of emotional intelligence tied to workplace outcomes especially enhanced leadership and management practices.”

—Kristin L. Mann, MBA, CEC

“This training was probably the most practical program I have ever attended. They made a seemingly complex subject very understandable, and the resources provided were simply unbelievable. The single- and multi-rater assessments were easy to do (everything is online), and the quality of the reports are superb. What I didn’t realize I would get were the lesson plans and training program guidelines that I can take into my clients and deliver my own EI training. This has definitely been my best return in training investment.”

Jim Williams, CEO – The Certus Group

“The Genos EI Certification Training is an experiential format that teaches the model and its robust application in a user-friendly, coaching-targeted framework. The model directly relates to my current Executive Coaching and Team Training work. And the model integrates well with my current coaching methodology and practice. I recommend this training for practitioners looking for a way to deepen and expand the use of Emotional Intelligence in their organizational coaching practices.”

Kerry Hamilton, CPCC, ACC, Executive and Personal Coaching

“After taking substantial time to compare and contrast every major Emotional Intelligence training and certificate programs available, I settled with confidence on the Genos Emotional Intelligence Training and Certification program for 2 major reasons. First, the training and certification process was a balanced blend of workplace-relevant research and practical application and engaged the adult learner each step of the way. Secondly, the Genos Emotional Intelligence assessments and reports are highly user friendly, practical and easy- to-read and the training materials lend themselves to interactive and dynamic training. That’s what my clients are looking for and I am very pleased to have added Genos Emotional Intelligence offerings to my toolkit.”

Bette Hoffman MS, CPCC, Management and Leadership Development

“The EI Certification Program was very beneficial to me, not just professionally, but personally as well. I can see how this can greatly improve things such as leadership development and effective communication in your work environment, but to the degree that it can also enhance aspects in your personal life as well. Additionally, in using the online system to set up assessments, I have found it to be very user-friendly as have my clients who accessed it; it is very straightforward and intuitive.”

— Leslie Zobler, Manager of Diagnostics Services, Fallon Clinic