Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

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As senior executives, we often feel compelled to do certain things because of history, guilt or perceived necessity.  What Bill has done for me is to allow and challenge me to focus on the things that really make me and my company successful.  He is smart, tough, and easy to work with.  I just wish I had hired him sooner.
JP Engelbreacht  – CEO South Central Communications

My engagement with Bill Sex and New England Coaching has been an extraordinary experience. I was very skeptical of the program in the beginning. However, Bill’s unique style of getting me to talk about my experiences and challenges; supported with his suggestions and mentoring allowed me to build confidence and trust in the process. Each session ended with my ‘assignment’ to try out before the next session.

I truly had little idea of my impact on others and as a result of his coaching; my awareness has never been higher. The coaching included a key element which was the Emotional Intelligence 360 survey. This process as well as Bill’s coaching opened up dialog that I would not have thought possible.

The experience and impact have been profound and I would recommend Bill to anyone that wants to grow and progress in their career as well as their personal life through the positive impact on others.

Tom Seadler – VP of Sales, Kewill Americas

“Working with Bill and New England Coaching has been educational and insightful. Bill has a genuine desire to help you help yourself thru inquisitive exploration of your principles, perceptions, understanding, and behaviors. Bill provides simple yet impactful tips at the end of each session that can be practiced in the work place, these tips enabled me to see how people react differently based on my behavior, and allowed me to adjust my style to achieve better results in the workplace. I would recommend NE Coaching to anyone who is looking to take the next step in the executive career path.”

Paul McRoberts – Sr Vice President, Autodesk, Inc

“New England Coaching has been a dynamic partner, with a primary focus on individual and team development. By understanding our core business and success drivers first, they could then approach individual development in a manner that aligned individual development goals with future business needs and objectives. In this manner, courses on topics such as Coaching and Emotional Intelligence, albeit programs centered on individual competencies, come to life against the backdrop of current and future business situations. New England Coaching’s commitment and willingness to understand the organization’s goals first, sets them apart from other companies in the delivery of their development programs. Success for these programs can be measured by initial individual response, and the longer term utilization of key learning over time. New England Coaching exceeded our expectations for the program on both fronts.”

Mike Blum – Sr. Director, Shire Human Genetic Therapies

“As well as being fantastically well-organized and a real task master, Bill Sex brings great humor, humanity, and intuition to the coaching partnership.”

Deborah Taylor, Director – The Change Exchange Ltd. London, England

“I could not be happier with my coaching experience with Bill Sex and New England Coaching. I started with a somewhat cynical attitude, as I had been “encouraged” by my employer to use coaching. I had my doubts that Bill would be able to really understand my issues well enough to help me, because most of them were largely related to working with people thousands of miles away. My doubts were soon removed. Bill listened well, and showed empathy, but let me know clearly that I was in charge of people’s perceptions of me. The coaching Bill gave me led to results in just a few short weeks. I received positive comments from many internal staff members and ultimately changed people’s perceptions of me and, most importantly, things were getting done.. His approach was friendly and humorous, but also firm. I would recommend coaching, and specifically through New England Coaching, to anyone that wants to truly enhance their leadership potential. ”

Simon Bexon, Regional President-DMX Corporation

“My coaching with New England Coaching has far exceeded the benefits I had imagined I would experience. They provided a comfortable, relaxed communication style that guided me through a process of honest reflection and self-exploration with simple but very effective questions and feedback. They clearly know what to ask and when – I find their comments have a growing impact on my thinking as I continue to reflect on them through the week. They understand and focus at a different level – at the things that matter. I have come to value the benefits of Executive Coaching greatly, and I attribute much of my success to their coaching skills.”

Susan James, Deputy-Registrar College of Occupational Therapists ,Toronto, Canada.

“I have been transitioning through a major career change, and Bill Sex has been invaluable as a coach and mentor. He uses a ‘tough love’ approach that makes you confront your worst demons, develop rational strategies to overcome them, and ultimately realize your potential as an executive. Bill has the business knowledge and human insights to help you leap hurdles you once thought insurmountable.”

Timothy R. Gerrity, Ph.D.,Principal-Noventus Medical, Worcester, MA

“Bill Sex is someone who can truly help prioritize the core factors in running a business successfully, while assisting, organizing, and suggesting great ideas for its future growth. He has helped me to look to the future by analyzing the present – without sacrificing my budget.”

JR Dubovick, President/ CEOColonial Wire and Cable, Inc. Sterling, MA