Organization or Solo-Preneur?

Organization or Solo-Preneur?

by necoaching

For the majority of those reading this you are either part of an organization or are pursuing a solo-preneurial career. Whichever you might be on there is always the question as to whether it’s “greener” on the other side. To make a decision to move in either direction is huge and can never be taken lightly.

The following are some key categories and associated questions that one should consider in terms of what might be right for you.

1. Knowledge – Is your area of specialization something that could drive your own business or fit in better as part of an organization? How might your knowledge and experience be most fully leveraged?

2. Motivation – Are you a self starter or do you need others to motivate and acknowledge your efforts? Can you hold yourself personally accountable or do you need somebody else to hold your feet to the fire?

3. Change – How receptive are you to change? Can you handle change initiated by somebody else or would you prefer to dictate your own pace of change?

4. Independence – How important is developing your own plans, executing upon them and/or creating your own schedule? Do you like flying it alone or would you prefer to be part of a team and have a boss?

5. Risk/Reward – Can you handle all the risk personally or are you better sharing the risk with a team? On the other side of risk, what are the potential and associated rewards and is it worth it?

So however you may answer these questions hopefully it helps provide some insight into where you truly want to be. If you are in that transition phase consider working with a coach to help bring some clarity to your next move. Good luck!