Optimal Teamwork

Optimal Teamwork

by necoaching

If a leader was to suggest that there was an absence of teamwork in their organization it would be shunned upon and seen as a deficiency on his/her part. Operating with teams just because it seems like the right thing to do doesn’t actually work. However for teamwork to truly succeed it takes a conscious effort on everybody’s part and the following fundamentals need to be present.

Clear Direction

A clear unifying path as to where the team is heading is essential. Leadership of the team can be quite but must be decisive and vocal at this point. This involves ensuring that the right people are on the team and most importantly that everybody understands the expectations of success.

Genuine Trust

Patrick Lencioni speaks about trust with vulnerability. In addition to this is the requirement that team members believe and want to trust each both because they understand the context for its need. This genuine sincerity creates a solid platform that will be unwavering in tough times.

True Collaboration

With clear direction and genuine trust, true collaboration becomes inevitable. Though some activities can be executed upon individually, unified actions will be essential also. These might include brainstorming new ideas, providing support and assessing progress.

Peer Accountability

In all team sports the purest trait present is the accountability they have to each other; I cannot let me teammate down and, if I do, it will be the worst feeling in the world. Teams should be held accountable collectively irrespective of the individual roles members might have. This way they celebrate together but also share the disappointments.

Believing in the power of this process is a prerequisite to initiating any sort of team culture in your organization. By ensuring that the four characteristics above are present you will be well on the way to creating optimal teamwork.