New Year’s Resolutions – Make Them Small and Achievable

New Year’s Resolutions – Make Them Small and Achievable

by necoaching

What is it about New Year’s Resolutions (and Goals) that seem to make them so elusive? Yes you want to achieve them, and they’re important to you (at some level), but for some reason life seems to take over and they never get done. The simple answer is to make your goals small and relevant to you personal and professional life. In addition rather than coming up with altogether new things, look at the most important aspects of your life and consider what some slight improvements on these might look like.

Let’s consider the 7 Key Life Elements to help with this:

  • Relationships – what is one way that you could improve a relationship within your family? Maybe it’s your son or daughter, mother or father, husband, wife or partner – pick one! Attend more games, help with home work, go to movies together.
  • Recreation – what is one fun activity that you really enjoy doing? Perhaps you like to run, so why not do a marathon? Maybe you like to act, so why not join a cast in play? Or maybe you like a particular team, arrange to attend more games.
  • Talents – what are you really good at and who might really appreciate your help – however big or small. Help out at church, school or local charity; get back to the hobby you used to love.
  • Health – pick one area that is really important and do something that stretches you a little. Eat a little less; run a little further; spend a little longer in the gym. It doesn’t have to be big but it will feel great.
  • Money – would you like to save a little bit more or maybe you want to give to some charity. Maybe you want to speak with a financial advisor or do your college FAFSA application now rather than later.
  • Career – what is one aspect of your career that would make it better – perhaps get on better with a work colleague, take that break during the day, complete tasks on time and keep you boss happy – do something!
  • Connections – what about all those people outside your family – maybe you set up a Facebook account and re-connect with people, maybe you call that old friend you have been putting off.

People all too often create Goals and New Year’s Resolutions that are unrealistic and therefore, to nobody’s surprise, they never get done. Then they blame themselves (and the Goal Setting Process) and feel worse. The key is committing to something achievable, however small it might appear, realizing a result and experiencing the great feeling that comes from it.