Managing Your Social Media Time

Managing Your Social Media Time

by necoaching

Rachel O’h-Uiginn, Undercurrent Coaching

Part V of a series of articles focusing on the integration of social media in a coaching practice.

Technology has enormous benefits, but there is always a cost associated with any endeavor. Perhaps you’ve caught yourself saying Did I really just spend THAT much time on Facebook? There is so much to engage in – how can I possibly make an impact?

That’s a perfectly likely response because we all share the value of time well spent. Whether for personal or business purposes, here are some tips on how you can best use your time in the social-space.

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to be engaged online – only options.

Engagement is better than non-engagement, so as long as you’re participating in some way online, you’re naturally going to build your network, skills and confidence around it. It’s OK to feel like you’re not making any waves in the social-world, but start challenging that assumption because it will help your approach become one of experience and opportunity.

Know when you work best

What time of day are you able to focus most? Devote your social media engagement to that portion. Starting a social routine might be a great practice to implement. Social media over-dose becomes an issue when you’re not efficiently using your time or you’re beginning to feel a sense of urgency and overwhelm. In those instances, it’s best to close the page and move on to something different.

Automate as much as possible, when appropriate

Many tools, such as Hootsuite and WordPress, help you automate social content. Planning in advance your posts, tweets & updates each week can help you organize your time and message so that you’re not scrambling.

Baby-steps, not leaps and bounds

Think you’re really going to get 100+ new LIKES over night? Think again! Gradual, steady social gains are the sustainable approach. Chunking your goals into smaller, achievable steps will save your sanity and free up lots of time to devote to other enriching activities.

Give yourself a vacation!

Consider taking a weekend off from email, Facebook or whatever online device is giving you more stress than benefit. You’ll be amazed what a little time away does for your sense of balance and clarity, and when you return, you’ll have that renewed focus to channel into your content and engagement.

Time is a value we all treasure, so let it work for you and not against you.

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