Living the Life You Want

Living the Life You Want

by necoaching

work lifeRecently while reading a blog by Todd Henry, I was struck by the simplicity yet difficulty associated with identifying one’s life purpose and ultimately who you are. For many who are caught in the hustle of meeting everybody else’s expectations we very often forget about our own. Henry almost chides us that if we do not accept this challenge, it eventually can lead to a very sad conclusion where we “Die Empty” which is aptly the name of his book.

This question becomes even more complex when one considers this relative to who you are, professionally and personally. In a recent HBS article by Groysberg and Abrahams, they presented an article that questioned whether work life balance was even a possibility. They went one step further and suggested that the pursuit of this balance might actually prevent people from engaging meaningfully either at work or at home. From their research, they found that only those who are more deliberate and focused make the right choices and can therefore achieve balance.

Both these findings ultimately present a challenge relative to who you are and consequently the choices you have. Here are some possible strategies to consider that might help in terms of being deliberate and focused.

  • Get Clarity around what matters most to you. Consider doing some of the exercises suggested by Todd Henry in his blog.
  • Build Important Relationships of people that you know and respect that will provide you the necessary support.
  • Make Choices based on the knowledge you have and do so with conviction and to the best of your ability.
  • Take Responsibility for You because that’s what you can control. Do what you feel is right and accept the consequences.
  • Learn from Your Actions and see the positivity in the choices you make and the additional knowledge you have acquired as a result; there is no failure.
  • Trust the Process and adapt along the way, as appropriate.

Identifying who you are is a journey not a destination. It’s an evolving self discovery process that can provide great richness in terms of the type of person you are and / or want to become.