Keys To Success No.6- “Always Have Something to Invite People To” Offer

Keys To Success No.6- “Always Have Something to Invite People To” Offer

by necoaching

Consider this strategy as perhaps the most effective marketing and trust building strategy that exists for the professional service provider. People generally are not overly keen on being sold to, but they do enjoy being invited – as long as those invitations are relevant. Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid, tells the story that this one strategy alone, doubled his income in his second year of business.

Creating your own “always have something to invite people to” offer is something you will want to consider when you design your sales cycle. This is the offer you’ll direct potential clients to through your core marketing strategies. There are many ways that you can set up this “always have something to invite people to” self-promotion strategy. You are limited only by your imagination! It might be a tele-seminar, webinar, Q&A session, themed party, etc. Whatever idea you come up with, it must provide an opportunity for you to create great value that meets the needs and desires of the people you serve – your target market. Additionally, it creates a no barrier to entry, no risk chance for prospective clients to sample your services.

Do you realize how many more clients you could be serving if they just knew what it is you have to offer? The best way to inform them is to have at least one no barrier to entry offer.

Posted by Deb Bercume and Sherry Dutra, Certified Book Yourself Solid Coaches