Keys To Success No. 7 – Clients Want You to Help Them “Be that Trusted Advisor”

Keys To Success No. 7 – Clients Want You to Help Them “Be that Trusted Advisor”

by necoaching

Begin to view your role with your clients as that of a highly important and trusted advisor. You have a moral obligation to offer your services to those who need them. To do anything other than counsel, advise, guide, and coach your clients would be a huge disservice. Start to view yourself as a leader in their life.

We all want someone to believe in. Be that person and you can write your own ticket. If you view yourself as a trusted advisor, clients will never forget you. They will come back to you months or even years later. Trust is built over time, so a connection you make today may not develop until much later. Continue to share your vision, mission, and obligation to help people. Give clients benefit after benefit and show them exactly how they can fulfill the promise of your offerings.

Michael Port says, “There is an acronym that is often used in sales—A, B, C—always be closing. Yuck! Sounds like cheesy sales talk to me. Instead, I say—A, B,C— always be communicating.”

Let everybody and anybody know how you help people:

  • Whom you serve (your target market).
  • What their urgent needs and compelling desires are.
  • The investable opportunities you have to offer them.
  • What the benefits of your investable opportunities are.

Posted by Deb Bercume and Sherry Dutra, Certified Book Yourself Solid Coaches