Key To Success No 9- Navigating Through the Uncertainty in Life

Key To Success No 9- Navigating Through the Uncertainty in Life

by necoaching

A major “Key to Success” is being able to navigate through the uncertainty in life. The world is in constant flux; even more so in the last few years with the turbulent times we have been experiencing. People are tapped out at home and at work. Those who have lost their jobs are tapped out trying to find work and deal with all the change they and their families are experiencing.

William Bridges, the author of Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, introduces a three phase transition model and strategies to help us manage through the transition process more successfully.

Ending Phase

  • Be clear about what is really ending.
  • Let go of old assumptions. Evaluate the situation honestly and objectively.
  • Actively seek closure on the “old way”.

Neutral Phase

  • Accept ambiguity, but don’t become paralyzed by uncertainty.
  • Remember to communicate – keep your channels open in all directions.
  • Be willing to experiment.
  • Acknowledge the progress of others.

Beginning Phase

  • Create a personal mission statement.
  • Behave as if there are no barriers to what might seem like radical solutions.
  • Actively solicit support from others, and encourage them to join you in your collective future.

By acknowledging what phase of transition you are experiencing, it enables you to take a breath, thus more clearly seeing the choices and options possible. These strategy points provide guidance to navigating through the turbulence.

There will always be changes in our lives. How do you want to show up and manage the transition process?

Posted by Deb Bercume and Sherry Dutra, Small Business, Transition and Leadership Coaches