HR Professionals and Emerging Leaders

HR Professionals and Emerging Leaders

by necoaching

A Coaching Certification provides a key set of skills, tools and methodologies that helps facilitate personal, professional and organizational success.  It also facilitates the creation of a culture that is fueled by a coaching approach where the focus is on building confidence, engaging staff and moving the organization from Functional to Optimal.

The two specific groups this type of training helps most are HR Professionals and Emerging Leaders.  The benefits are as follows:

HR Professionals

  • Provides tools and skills to allow participants improve overall Communication Skills
  • Facilitates the creation of a Cadre of Internal Coaches
  • Supports effective Problem Solving
  • Positions HR as adding greater value and being seen as key Strategic Partners


Emerging Leaders

  • Ensures that the fundamental skills and tools necessary in Leading Groups
  • Provides additional skills to provide Effective Communication and Direction
  • Instills a confidence to be able to deal with Challenging Situations
  • Creates a mindset of effective delegation through Accountability and Focus on Results


What have past participants being saying about this program?

“As an HR professional, participating in the iPEC Coaching Program has been transformational for me and my executive coaching practice within Novartis.  The overall approach to instruction and application, as designed by iPEC and sanctioned by The International Coach Federation (ICF), was designed in such a way as to make the coaching process, tools, and techniques practical yet cutting edge and transformational.  I know that my internal clients, all of whom are senior executives, have benefitted tremendously from this program and our coaching efforts.  I strongly advocate for those who are seeking coaching education and training to consider the iPEC program.”

Richard S. Spada, MA, CPC

Sr. Global Manager Diversity & Inclusion,

Novartis Pharma AG

“Life Changing and Thought Provoking are the best ways to describe my experience with the IPEC program. Developing talented leaders is a strategic necessity. As an internal coach it has changed my perspective and approach when I coach leaders in my organization. IPEC’s model, tools and coaching skills have prepared me to coach the whole person in any aspect of their life. Through IPEC I am more confident partnering with current and future leaders to create actionable plans to move forward.”

Lauren Tupper, SPHR, CPC

Manager, Leadership Development (Americas)

Adidas Group

“The iPEC Coaching program has proved to be an invaluable experience.  As a result, I have significantly increased my coaching skill effectiveness and am better equipped to help leaders stay accountable to accomplishing their own leadership and organizational goals.  I highly recommend the iPEC program for both managers and HR professionals.”

Jamie Alpha, CPC

Human Resources Director,

Pfizer Healthcare

“I was particularly impressed by the quality of the instructors. They opened my mind to much new possibility and helped to foster both my personal and professional growth. I also enjoyed interacting with the participants in the program who brought varying perspectives with many of them experienced business people. In summary, I highly recommend this program for those who want to incorporate coaching as part of their leadership toolkit.”

Juan Antonio Fernandez, CPC

Professor of Management,

China Europe International Business School, Shanghai (China)

“To be able to participate in the iPEC Core Energy Coaching ™ Program, has been such a transformational experience at both personal and professional levels. It gave me a completely new vision on leadership and team management and the skills and tools to integrate what I learned in my company. One of many positive results… a much more engaged team and increased productivity!!”

Juan Alvarez

Managing Director, Americas