How Motivation Impacts Employee Engagement

How Motivation Impacts Employee Engagement

by necoaching

Engagement is a direct result of the various motivators you experience. These motivators can be intrinsic and relate to your actual work experiences such as your job, you boss, your team and in general, the organization you belong to. However there are also extrinsic motivators that are typically regarded as much more universal.

In the past these extrinsic motivators were thought to revolve around the “carrot and stick”. Today the notion that rewards motivate people has been replaced with the realization that rewards only motivate people to seek the rewards (at any cost sometimes). This of course only promotes short term thinking such as what happened in many of the failed financial institutions to the catastrophic detriment of what is most important in the long run. Businesses that run from quarter to quarter are compromising the long term viability of their organization and that is exactly what most “carrot and stick” systems do.

However through work by people such as Daniel Pink, he is putting a new face on what really are the true motivators. He contends that the following are the key universal drivers of motivation and if employees can have these fundamental needs met, it augers very well for the organization.

o Purpose: the ability to do something that is in service of something bigger than yourself

o Mastery: the opportunity to continue to grow and be better at something important

o Autonomy: the desire the be free to do what you want

These in turn feed the universal drivers of engagement which are:

o Praise: the degree to which we praise our organization to others

o Persist: the degree to which we persist in the face of adversity

o Perform: the degree to which we perform freely in excess of expectations

Organizations need their staff to be fully engaged. When this is happening it reduces turnover, boosts innovation, increases productivity and attracts top talent. Motivation is the linchpin to making this happen.