How Coaching Supports An Organization

How Coaching Supports An Organization

by necoaching

Coaching has emerged as a very dependable and effective methodology in the development of staff within organizations. Companies have long wondered how to make learning more sustainable and integrated. All too often a lot of money has been spent on sending people on various training programs, which very often contained great content; however the impact was never felt back in the company. Coaching, whether in tandem with or in support of training, provides the support and accountability to ensure that results emerge from learning.

Traditionally, coaching has been the domain of the Executive Suite where external coaches are brought in to work one on one with key members of the management team. Typically this requires coaches with a high confidence and competence level who can understand the complexity of business issues presented and indeed the individuals being coached. With an effective engagement the benefits are very often significant and can have a profound cascading effect on the organization.

More recently organizations have moved to develop their Human Resources specialist and generalists to becoming Internal Coaches. Although these individuals may not have the confidence and competence levels mentioned previously, they do understand the business and the human challenges that their organization are faced with. With the appropriate Coaching Training, these individuals are now making coaching accessible to many more people but are also using coaching methodologies as their normal modus operandi – with great results. Consequently the perception of HR is changing; they are now seen as much more strategic, rather than the traditional “problem fixers”.

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