Hiring the Right Leader

Hiring the Right Leader

by necoaching

“If you wanna know me, come live with me”. So they say and despite the rigors of an interview process and the many assessments that can be conducted, hiring the right person in a leadership position is never easy.

Resumes are now independently produced to show only the “win” column. Interview techniques can be honed to such a degree that you are almost asking is this guy too good to be true. The ideal candidate should be capable of achieving impact within a very short time of joining an organization; so what are the musts to be aware of when seeking out the ideal candidate?

Organizational Fit

Every organization has its own unique characteristics and a new candidate needs to “fit in” easily and quickly. This does not mean conformity or change adverse but has the unique ability to be “stealth like” in terms of building positive relationship and rapidly becoming part of the team.

Direct Report Response

A new leader must get an instant positive response from direct reports. Very quickly people should recognize that this is somebody who can be looked up to, will inspire and coach people to success. So make reports part of the interview process.

Bosses Wowed

If the senior leadership is not wowed by what a new candidate brings to the table in the first month, a mistake has made in the hiring process. The right person should have the confidence and know how to make immediate impact – somebody the organization can learn from.

Many potential candidates talk about spending time getting to know the business and the players. There is no better way to doing this that by bringing what is already known in terms of knowledge, wisdom and experience, to the table from day 1. Action speaks louder than words.

So when interviewing, find out what a candidate will do in the first day, first week and first month. You may gain the very insights you need to hire the right person.