Group Coaching – Affordability and Accessibility

Group Coaching – Affordability and Accessibility

by necoaching

Working with groups rather than individuals when in school was how we all grew up learning. Reflecting on this, could working in groups provide people with a better appreciation of the value of Coaching and also put the coach visibly out there to demonstrate their talents? Perhaps so and it would also make coaching much more affordable and consequently accessible.

One well recognized Coaching Organization, Coachville provides some great resources in terms of the benefits of Group Coaching both in terms of the dynamic and financial benefits. They say that:

  • It enhances your business model in two strong ways
    • It can work as a low cost entry point into your practice AND
    • It can work as a powerful maintenance program for clients before or after they complete 1-1 coaching engagement with you.
  • You create a powerful group environment
    • Each member feels like they are part of a highly connected and supportive team – which builds confidence and community.
  • Group Coaching is often the perfect entry into organization coaching
    • High-impact and low-cost per person coaching is highly valued by organizations especially as a follow on to skills training programs.

One of the keys for Group Coaching to work effectively is to have a very clearly defined process to follow. You may not be able to do much of the inner work that traditional one on one coaching allows but you certainly can do some generic work around clarity, priorities, goal setting and action planning, to name a few. The results from this are that clients:

  • Make positive changes in their lives
  • Gain a better understanding of coaching,
  • Appreciate the value of the coach
  • Tell other people

So perhaps a key to getting Coaching more widely accepted and embraced is to recognize that working in groups is a very effective model and to be a great coach you also need to be a great teacher.